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beat all 3 levels =)

okay so i beat it on hard, and my reward is for a game that doesn't exist yet? that's totally pinenutts.
tips for everyone:
1. the last 2 gems are reversed, so the purple one is white and the white is purple.
2. use alot of defense and agility, that's the only way to win, i only used 2 str points the whole time.
3. the mouse holding the gems can be hit 3 times in a row, just chase that bitch down and whack him when he stops blinking.
4. use the blue sword, it does more damage for some reason

pretty nice

i liked the music and atmosphere and skills. i think you should add a jump button just to avoid the enemies "bullets" and maybe some sort of hints to tell you where the monster egg things are at


i couldn't get passed the level where you eat the girl (lol that was sweet).
the art is great and the idea is fun, but you need either:
level password
or lower difficulty, and i'm sure it'll get a much higher score


man i played this for hours, i wasn't expecting to blow up earth, and then after blowing up earth i wasn't expecting to sit there in my space ship talking to myself lol.
the only thing strange during gameplay was that i hardly used any actions besides stealing money and science. i beat the game without bothering any of the countries, all the bars were empty.
for people asking about the bases you buy, you need to evacuate and move to them, i saved up for the moonbase and just evacuated over there for the rest of the game.


just yesterday i was thinking about how cool a drawing/killing game would be!
this game seems somewhat unfinished though, did you get tired of working on it?. i don't really understand the strategy part of the game, you just move the troops straight up to the captain and the game is done in a couple turns. there's no point in having all the rest of those areas since it's impossible to take control of them all and there's no reason to do so.
what mountpanic said about moving the screen with keys would be a good idea, and drawing different shapes= different moves would be awesome too.
if you guys are having problems with the shields all you have to do is draw a U turn, so you attack from the front and swipe over their heads and behind their backs, then land right in front of them. and the bow you just need to hold down long enough to get a powerful shot out of it. and the catapult balls you just need to attack at the perfect timing, and the final guy you just need to make him jump in the air and attack while he's landing.


my only problem was some weapons required rapid clicking while others you just needed to hold down the fire button, so my brain melted while trying to keep up with both weapons and pick up stuff at the same time. but even still i beat the game on the first try and had lots of fun


i love how the character moves to the music, really get's you in the mood to push boxes. getting squashed was good fun aswell, but this isn't as fun as Avalanche, there's no replay value

still too hard

i played lvl 2 about 5 or 6 times now, and still havn't beat it


this makes me want to get out my neo geo pocket color!

lol cute art

are there any power ups besides the fast shooter, minigun, flame thrower, and the explosive that wipes out everything? if there arn't then i consider this game beaten ^_^
oh and are there any new rabbits after the robots?

i love mud

hot dog stand


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